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Modular WA understands the importance of business efficiency – that’s why we work to reduce downtime and minimise interruption all while still maintaining our high standards when it comes to exceptional quality and finishes. We believe in custom built commercial buildings designed to work exactly as needed. Since our inception we’ve been delivering modular solutions of all kinds including offices, ablution blocks, change rooms, recreation facilities, industrial kitchens and wet rooms across regional and rural Western Australia.

Our high quality modular buildings are rapidly constructed under strict supervision in our manufacturing facilities before being transported to their destination which ensures minimal disruption to your site.


– Rapid construction times
– Minimal on-site disruption
– Exceptional quality control & fully compliant
– Custom designed for your business

What We Build:

– Offices and Administration Buildings
– Ablutions and Change Rooms
– Recreation and Sports Centres
– Hospitality and Mixed Use Facilities

and much more…

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At Modular WA we tailor every single building to fit our clients’ needs. We’d be happy to custom design a solution perfect for your site, budget and expectations.

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Modular WA are proud suppliers for:



Client Southwest Resorts
Project Kitchen/Crib Facility and 2 x Block Ablution
Location Denham, Western Australia
Contract Period May 2019 – March 2020


In early 2019, South West Resorts called on design proposals for a much needed upgrade and expansion of the existing amenity facilities at Denham Seaside Caravan Park. Modular WA was awarded the contract in May 2019 and, following extensive design development, construction commenced in October 2019.

Scope of Works:
Design, construct and deliver a cyclonic rated modular kitchen building and two ablution blocks for the Denham Seaside Caravan Park inclusive of onsite plumbing, onsite electrical and shade structure installation.

2 x ablution blocks featuring 9 ensuite bathrooms plus AS1428.1 compliant ambulant and universal access bathrooms and a laundry, The main kitchen/amenities building included an open space activity room, expansive and fully equipped kitchen facility and external verandahs. The project included hydraulic design to suit both potable desalinated and bore water services, undercover ducted commercial gas hot water systems and AS1428.1 compliant braille and exit signage, door furniture and access.

The new kitchen and ablution buildings are located within the Denham Caravan Park, a popular and busy tourist destination servicing the towns of Denham and Monkey Mia. With meticulous planning, Modular WA was able to install the buildings without damaging surrounding infrastructure and with minimal disruption and impact on the caravan park’s operations. Modular WA worked closely with the client to ensure the buildings met the client’s design brief and expectations. Custom fixtures and fittings were incorporated into the specification to maximise energy and resource efficiency.


Client Water Corporation
Project Modular Offices
Location Various locations across Western Australia
Contract Period July 2018 – October 2018


Due to increased operating demands in regional areas, the Water Corporation called for quotes for the construction of 6 x new temporary offices in various locations. Modular WA provided the most economical and efficient proposal and was awarded the project in July 2018.

Scope of Works:
Construction, transportation and installation of six (6) modular offices to various locations across Western Australia.

Each modular office features a verandah and deck, with an open plan office space and kitchenette. The design also incorporates a unisex universal access bathroom with toilet and shower amenities.

Modular WA provided the client with an effective and economical off site construction solution. The separate universal access toilet included grab rails and suitable amenities as per AS.1429. The modules were constructed with full fit out at our manufacturing facility in Wangara before being transported to site, or to the client’s nominated holding facility. With a total construction time of just 7 weeks in the yard, Modular WA delivered an excellent, rapidly-built product in line with the client’s timeline requirements.


Client Public Transport Authority
Project TransWA Bookings Office
Location Albany, Western Australia
Contract Period March 2019 – July 2019


The Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA) operates public transport services in regional Western Australia including the operation of road coach and rail passenger services under the Transwa brand. The PTA required a bookings office to be constructed at a new site in Albany within a very short timeframe in order to minimise the disruption to services that may result when relocating their operations.

Scope of Works:
Design, construct and installation of a modular bookings office building including transport, complexing, join up of modules and the on-site installation of a bus shelter and undercover area.

The booking office features a reception area complete with built-in reception counter, safety glass and kitchenette. Integrating seamlessly with a site built bus shelter and undercover area, the building also features AS 1428 compliant ramps, tactile indicators and universal access bathrooms.

On a very tight timeline, our expert construction and site installation team built and delivered the building with incredible efficiency and precision. The new building was located in the centre of Albany on a difficult to access site. With careful planning, Modular WA was able to install the building without damaging surrounding infrastructure and with minimal disruption and impact on local businesses. The project specification included making provision for the installation of some sophisticated electrical infrastructure including data racks and a security/CCTV system. Close coordination was required between the clients installation contractors and the Modular WA design team to ensure the on site installation of equipment went smoothly. Modular WA was also able to offer the client a considerable cost saving option when specifying and installing glass partitioning to the building, utilizing a more economical digital print solution instead of glass etching.


Client Shire of Ashburton
Project Works Depot Office
Location Onslow, Western Australia
Contract Period August 2019 – April 2019

The Shire of Ashburton invited tenders for the design and construction of a new office building for the Onslow Works Depot in order to replace their aged facilities as part of the first stage of the depot’s redevelopment. Modular WA was successfully awarded this tender in August 2019 and completed the project in April 2020.

Scope of Works:
Design, construct and install a cyclonic depot office inclusive of transport, complexing, join-up, site preparation, earthworks, onsite plumbing & electrical, landscaping and external structures.

The Depot Office features both front and rear verandahs, a reception room, open & closed offices, meeting room, kitchen/meals space and also AS1428.1 compliant universal bathroom and ambulant facilities.

As this project was based in Onslow, there was a risk of lengthy delays given the logistics of transporting replacement or missing gear to the remote region of WA. Exceptional scheduling and project management was required to ensure all relevant equipment was supplied to site. Modular WA successfully delivered the project on time, within budget and to a client who was very satisfied with not only the modular product, but the management and coordination of on-site contractors.


Client Shire of Yalgoo
Project Multi-Purpose Sports Facility
Location Yalgoo, Western Australia
Contract Period April 2018 – January 2019


The Shire of Yalgoo is located approximately 500km north of Perth in the Mid West. In early 2018 Modular WA was awarded a contract for the design and construction of a new multi-purpose sports facility that would service the town’s new sporting grounds and rifle range.

Scope of Works:
The project included the design, construction, transportation and site installation of a six module multi-purpose sports facility including completion of onsite external structures.

The facility features a sprawling multi-purpose area complete with kiosk kitchen, bar, store and equipment rooms as well as two sports changerooms and accessible bathrooms. Surrounded on three sides by an expansive undercover area, the building provides functional, attractive spaces perfect for a variety of community events.

In order to invigorate the town and encourage community engagement, the client requested a building that would make an aesthetic statement. Modular WA’s design team worked closely with the client to produce a stunning solution that incorporated corrugated steel, timber columns and copper accents. This along with commissioned LED-lit artwork made testament to the surrounding Western Australian outback. As the Shire of Yalgoo is considerably isolated, exceptional scheduling and coordination of onsite contractors was required to ensure the project was completed without delay. Despite working over the most challenging summer months, Modular WA’s site installation team delivered the project ahead of schedule to a satisfied client.



Client City of Wanneroo
Project Emergency Services Building
Location Two Rocks, Western Australia
Contract Period April 2017 – August 2017


Being one of the fastest growing local governments in Australia, the City of Wanneroo welcomes around 8,000+ new residents each year. As part of the multi-million dollar Yanchep-Two Rocks infrastructure upgrades, the City of Wanneroo called upon tenders for a new emergency services building which was then awarded to Modular WA.

Scope of Works
Design, construct and install a new emergency services building for the Two Rocks Fire Station.

Double sliding doors open into an expansive meeting room, providing a much needed training space for the Two Rocks Emergency Services team. As well as a kitchenette, the building was fitted out with a universal access toilet and male & female change room facilities.

Modular WA provided the client with an effective solution to their requirements for an accessible building. The finished floor level was kept as low as possible so that entry points were wheelchair accessible, while the separate universal access toilet was fitted out with grab rails and amenities as per AS.1429. The modules were constructed off site at our manufacturing facilities before being transported to site. With a total construction time of 10 weeks in the yard and 2 weeks installation onsite, Modular WA delivered an excellent, rapidly-built product whilst ensuring site disruption was kept to a minimum.


Client Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (FKA. DBP)
Project Administration Office
Location Jandakot, Western Australia
Contract Period February 2017 – July 2017


Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (DBP) is the operator of the privately owned Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline, Western Australia’s most important piece of energy infrastructure. Due to recent growth, the company required a new administration office to accommodate its expanding workforce.

Scope of Works:
Demolition of existing building, construct and installation of additional administration office building including transport, onsite earthworks, and module join up.

The office features an open plan space with raking ceiling encouraging a collaborative working environment. Additionally, the building contains three enclosed private offices with noise isolation batts, a purpose built utilities room and universal access facilitated entry.

Modular WA provided an economical solution by decommissioning the existing unit and replacing it with a larger purpose-built office. As the modules were constructed offsite and transported to Jandakot, this eliminated downtime for personnel and minimised disruption to surrounding buildings. Modular WA also liaised with Chubb Fire while wiring the smoke and fire alarm systems in order to ensure the building integrated effectively with existing infrastructure. The delivery of the DBP Administration Office project was on time and within budget, demonstrating Modular WA’s ability to provide a quality commercial product tailored to each client’s needs.

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