Commercial Capability

We’re Real

Our name may be new, but the people behind it are brimming with experience. Led by Wayne McGrath and backed by the financial strength of the Wyllie Group, we have assembled a team that has worked together for many years and contributed to some of WA’s best known and innovative commercial modular projects. These include buildings for land estates, remote accommodation, offices, classrooms and resort accommodation to name just a few.

We’re Commercial

The team at Modular WA has been responsible for delivering some of the largest modular and prefabricated commercial building projects in WA. No matter where your project is in WA, we have the experience and can build cost effective solutions for nearly any market.

Modular WA knows what it takes to deliver projects on time, on budget and to the very highest level of quality.

What We Build


  • Corporate Offices
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Government Facilities
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Mining and Resources
  • Agricultural and Farming
  • Recreation and Training



  • Metropolitan and Remote Housing
  • Single and  Multi-Storey Apartments
  • Granny Flats
  • Park Homes and Cabins
  • Government and Indigenous Housing



  • New Primary and Secondary School Developments
  • Classrooms
  • Science and Home Economics Buildings
  • Day Care Centres
  • Sports facilities
  • Administration Buildings



  • Lifestyle Villages
  • Tourist and Caravan Parks
  • Student Accommodation
  • Affordable Housing Developments

Modular WA is all about keeping it real. As a proud locally owned WA Company, we know it’s the people that build our communities and enterprises and we’re committed to employing those that reside in our great state. With every commercial project we undertake, we employ both locally at our Perth based manufacturing yard (during the construction process) and also in the local community to finish our projects.We engage and rely on local trades, including earthwork contractors, concrete workers, plumbers and electricians to bring our buildings to life on the ground.



Sustainable Design + Construction

Modular WA has an unwavering commitment to quality, from superior materials to meticulous construction methods. It all adds up to the design and construction of industry leading, energy efficient, low maintenance modular buildings.

From cyclones, to heat waves and freezing lows, our modular buildings are built to withstand everything WA throws at them. So if you’re living and working in Karratha or Marble Bar, you will keep the heat out while reducing energy consumption. And if you are living and working in Albany or Esperance, you can kick back in warm comfort when the mercury plunges.

Our buildings always achieve a high level of energy efficiency. Whether it’s our high quality lightweight external cladding delivering superior ambient temperature control or our formaldehyde free insulation protecting you from health, dust and odour issues, Modular WA has considered every detail.

Our ability to construct a large component of the building “offsite” has a substantial impact on the efficient use of materials and reduces the waste generated during the construction process. This is good for the environment as it dramatically reduces the amount of waste going to landfill. Recycling forms a big part of our commitment to waste reduction with materials such as steel being recovered and recycled.


We’re for Strength

When you partner with Modular WA, you have peace of mind that your investment is based on a solid foundation of both financial strength and quality control. Modular WA is backed by the Wyllie Group, which allows us to apply all of the resources necessary to produce modular building solutions of any size with complete confidence that the project will be delivered on time.

The reputation of our experienced Modular WA team is undeniably strong, which is no surprise given they have all taken a relentless approach to enforcing exceptional standards of quality control throughout their careers. It’s this approach, which has guided the development of Modular WA’s own systems and processes, which ensures every project is finished to the very highest guarantee of quality.


We’re for Safety

Modular WA’s Occupational Safety and Health Policy is based on a belief that the well-being of people employed at work, or people affected by our work, is a major cornerstone of the way we do business and must be considered in all aspects of our operations. People are our most important asset, and safety and health in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility with every person being treated with equal priority, including members of the public.

Modular WA, led by its senior management strives to achieve an outcome of zero harm in the workplace and will comply with all relevant legislative requirements. We will also train and encourage all workers to strive to achieve our goal of a zero harm workplace.

Modular WA has established an Integrated Safety Management Plan to ensure our occupational health and safety goals and procedures are clearly communicated to all stakeholders and to ensure compliance with all relevant Occupational, Health and Safety legislation. All personnel working on or entering our work sites will undergo a specific induction process to make sure they have the information and training they need to work safely and to encourage others to do the same.

Ownership & Management

Ownership Structure: Modular WA is owned by four shareholders – The Wyllie Group,

Wayne McGrath, Errol Davies and Jason Sjoland.

Board of Directors: The board of directors of Modular WA includes Todd Morcombe (acting on behalf of the Wyllie Group), Wayne McGrath, Errol Davies and Jason Sjoland. Company secretarial duties are the responsibility of Jason Sjoland.

Management Team: The management team at Modular WA has a proven track record of running a successful modular business. Not only do they have a wide range of experience and skills as individuals but more importantly they have worked together as a team for many years in the modular construction and manufacturing industry at senior management levels.

The CEO, Wayne McGrath oversees the operation of the business and has a strong focus on key business development activities. Errol Davies is General Manager overseeing the day to day operations of the business including all construction and manufacturing related activities, HESQ management, sales, design and drafting. Jason Sjoland as Financial Controller is responsible for sales,finance, administration, estimating and scheduling and also provides tender and project management support.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Clients will be purchasing a home or commercial building from a professional team with over 90 years of combined experience within the modular building industry. Highly knowledgeable and skilled staff are able to supply a product and level of customer service which is second to none. Combined with innovative designs this provides a unique selling point.

Modular WA also offers a comprehensive on site installation solution. This includes the design and management of onsite works and the provision of all services required to provide a turnkey solution. The complete package can include earthworks, service connections, landscaping, fencing and external structures. By offering a complete package to clients, the Modular WA team can add value to the client’s experience.

A key part of the vision for Modular WA is to expand opportunities for the use of modular construction methods. Modular WA is committed to developing new and innovative modular building solutions to provide exciting and competitive alternatives to standard on site construction methods.

With a purpose built sales office that contains the very latest in products Modular WA will be able to provide a level of choice to clientele which is second to none within the modular industry.

Modular WA is aiming to be the states premier supplier of modular solutions. We are selling a product that is superior in quality and has an industry leading specification. We provide an experienced and knowledgeable team to help guide and support clients throughout the process. We can and will, in all our business dealings, offer family based values and integrity.


Business Management System (IT): The Modular WA business makes use of the Databuild building management program which manages all accounting, estimating, payroll and price book functions. Onsite Companion is also used to manage the CRM, scheduling and internal workflow management processes. An additional piece of software, Client Manager handles client quoting and the contract variation process.

All design and drafting is done using Revit software. Revit is a powerful and innovative drafting software package and provides the tools required to prepare not only working plans and drawings but to also facilitate the sales process by being able to produce 3D renders of the houses and buildings being designed in house for our prospective clients.

Production process: Construction of buildings takes place in the Wangara manufacturing facility. The buildings are then transported to site where complexing and final items are completed. Subcontract labour is used to construct buildings both in the yards and onsite. Close supervision of construction activities is maintained both in the yard and onsite using experienced and qualified building supervisors.

Safety: Modular WA applies stringent standards of safety to all of its construction sites and workplaces. All personnel entering Modular WA sites need to provide evidence of white card construction safety qualifications and must provide verification of competency in their respective trade or work discipline. This includes high risk training for high risk work such as working at heights and forklift operation. Modular WA has established an Integrated Safety Management Plan to ensure compliance with all relevant Occupational, Health and Safety legislation.

All buildings are subject to strict quality controls. Construction of all homes and buildings takes place in a controlled manufacturing environment with close supervision combined with a rigorous ITP process. Homes and buildings are 98% completed in the manufacturing yard and final items are completed onsite. An onsite installation supervisor supervises the final components of construction onsite and manages the handover process with clients.

Environmental/resource impacts: Modular WA is committed to minimising the impact of its operations on the environment and to the overall reduction of waste that is disposed of through dumping at landfill sites.

Modular WA recognises that waste is best reduced or avoided at the point of production and we also recognise the need to develop strategies for re-using and recycling those wastes. Inevitably some waste needs to be disposed of to landfill, but this is recognised as a last resort which needs to be carried out in an environmentally effective and efficient manner.

Strategies that Modular WA will utilise to ensure minimal environmental impact include:

  • Engage with waste service providers who have adequate recycling services and carry industry accreditation
  • Store all materials in a manner that reduces their potential release to the atmosphere, soil or water
  • Design buildings to comply with, the relevant BCA Energy Efficiency standards
  • Use construction methods which minimise wastage.
  • Increase the re-use and recycling of building waste.
  • Support local government efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of waste management.

Memberships and Affiliations: Modular WA is a member of both the HIA and MBA. These organisations provide support on a number of levels including legal and marketing support, training and product development. The MBA in particular runs a Modular Building Committee which is focused on the strategic development of modular construction methods and products.