How to choose a block of land to build your new modular home

These are only some of the questions you’ll want to ask which could greatly affect the budget of your build. Want some more insight? Our sales team are happy to help. Send us your potential block options and we’d be happy to have a look at them and provide you with free, no obligation advice as to their suitability for modular construction.

5 Things To Look Out For:

·         TREES: While greenery can seem attractive, it can also radically affect your property’s BAL rating (Bushfire Attack Level). Be aware of costs associated with tree clearing, arborists, and construction upgrades that may be required for the home to achieve the relevant BAL rating compliance.

·         GRADIENT: A flatter site means less work to do in terms of earthworks. Compensating for dramatic gradients can quickly become a very expensive exercise.The more cut, fill and/or retaining is required, the steeper your initial site preparation costs will be.

·         ACCESS:  Is the site accessible by oversized semi-trailer trucks? Remember the trucks have to manoeuvre module trailers into place, so we’ll need plenty of room to move in, and out of your property with consideration for turning circles. For this reason, rear access metro-area blocks and battle axe configurations are typically not suitable for transportable construction while regional/rural blocks, acreages and farm properties are typically modular-friendly.

·         POWERLINES: Check for overhead powerlines. Low-lying powerlines across the roads leading to your block may require a specialised line lifting crew for the trucks to be able to get the home under them and to your block. If this is the case you may need to consider an additional Western Power charge for this service.

·         SERVICES: What services are there available to the block? Are power and water supplies already present at the block? Is there a sewer line available to connect to or will the property require a septics system?