Modular Homes Albany

Benefits of Modular Homes in Albany If you’re thinking about buying or building a home, Modular WA has an alternative that offers many benefits Our modular homes in Albany provide a high standard of living at affordable prices and convenience to you and without sacrificing any of your... ... read more.

Modular Mining Workforce Accommodation

Sustainable Modular Mining Workforce Accommodation from Modular WA The mining industry creates thousands of well-paying jobs, but they are often located in remote regions surrounded by small towns that don’t have the resources and infrastructure to support the workforce Available housing is... ... read more.

Modular Housing Construction

Are You Preparing a New Residential Home Community Break Ground on Construction with Modular Buildings Residents Will Love The population of Western Australia is still on the rise and increasing numbers of individuals and families interested in putting down roots within the state fuels demand for... ... read more.

Prefabricated Houses

On the Hunt for Houses Go Prefab: Considering the Benefits of Prefabricated Homes Whether you are looking for a place to start a family or to accommodate a growing one, or if you're simply ready to become a homeowner, the "house hunt" process can feel intimidating There are many things to... ... read more.

Prefabricated Granny Flats

When You're Interested in Prefabricated Granny Flats, Choose the Solid Prefab Designs Offered by Modular WA Have things in your home begun to feel a bit cramped, or are you looking for a way to more fully utilise the available space you have remaining on your property In general, it’s hard to... ... read more.

Modular Offices

Searching for Prefabricated Solutions to A Need for New Offices Modular WA Delivers High-Value, Trustworthy Prefab Offices on Schedule Is office space something of a concern for your business right now During the initial phases of a new project, or in a period of expansion, it often becomes... ... read more.

Prefab Accommodation

Understanding the Efficiency of Modular and Prefabricated or Pre Built Accommodation Do you want to build a home that is customised and suited to fit your needs If so, you have a few options The first option is to work with an architect and builder to design and build your home from scratch This... ... read more.

Western Australia Modular Commercial Office Space

Modular Offices & transportable Offices in Western Australia Perhaps you need a temporary office that your business team can use while your existing building is under renovation Maybe you need a place to put down roots during a multi-month business project that isn’t near your existing... ... read more.

Transportable Office

For Modular Offices, Transportable Granny Flats and Trans Homes, Modular WA is a Safe and Reliable Bet If you are in the market for modular offices, transportable granny flats or trans homes in WA, look no further than Modular WA From single homes to modular home developments with more than 200... ... read more.

Modular Granny Flats Perth

Are You Thinking About Buying a Modular Home or Office in Perth Finding a Structurally Sound Transportable Granny Flat For Sale Is Possible with Modular WA Have you ever heard that myth about how modular homes are not structurally sound One of the most commonly repeated criticisms of modular or... ... read more.

Transportable Accommodation

The Many Uses of Transportable Accommodation Modular WA offers transportable accommodation to suit a variety of needs whether it’s for commercial or residential use We can customise the floor plan, or you can choose from standard designs, and our superior customer service includes all the... ... read more.

Modular Classrooms

Advantages of Transportable Modular Prefab Classrooms from Modular WA Modular WA has a cost-effective solution for schools that find themselves with more students than space We can help you design efficient and effective modular classrooms so that your school can grow along with the student... ... read more.